Friday, August 31, 2012

Justice Department sued for hiding secret NSA Surveillance Program.

Any of you who read this blog on a regular basis Im sure, have seen the crazy look that comes across peoples faces when you speak about Big Brother, Phone Taps, different types of surveillance the government uses on it's citizens...etc. They may find it hard to believe that their Government would mistrust them enough to invade their privacy, as a matter of national security. They fail to even ask themselves, or wonder "When did the American People become the enemy?", "They're supposed to be protecting US from the terrorists!" Yet it's OUR bags that are being checked when we board planes... WE'RE the ones who have to take our shoes off and walk through the X-ray machine or the metal detector. Every city is quickly installing cameras on every street corner they can think of. Who do you think they're watching??? Thaaaat's right, YOU! So then I ask you this...... WHO do THEY think the real terrorist is? And if they DON'T think WE are the threats then WHY are they listening in on our phone conversations, and reading our emails? I say those two specifically because I can see where the cameras all over the place can be a gift AND a curse.

People need to start asking more questions and stop taking things at face value....."it is what they say it is." and stop accepting everything with no thought or opinion of your own. Stop brushing everything off and acting like it's nothing.

Some of you are walking around THINKING and BELIEVING the Muslims are the terrorist because that's what you were LED to believe. And peep this, they've got some of you being leery of not just Middle Eastern Muslims but ALL Muslims.  O_o  Come on now, keep it real! You KNOW if you got on a plane anytime after 911 and you saw a Middle Eastern Man sitting 2 seats in front of you....well I don't even have to speak of the thoughts that crossed your mind at that point.  

Here's MY point...Taking into account of how they had US thinking (because I ain't gon lie, I fell into the trap TOO when 911 first happened!) I need you to consider this.....You don't even look Middle Eastern, you're a Proud US CITIZEN, yet they check YOUR bags like they check the "so called" suspects, they're checking YOUR email and listening in on YOUR phone calls, they have some of YOUR names on the  do not fly list, you're the one who has to show ID everywhere, YOU'RE the one who lost a lot of your Constitutional Rights...... Today we have government sanctioned phone taps.  Any law enforcement agency can pull up a person's phone, email, financial, and personal information at a whim.  The government can also 'monitor' your personal email for keywords and phrases.   so with all that said, I ask you.....Who's the REAL enemy?

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