Saturday, October 11, 2008

And you wonder WHY they call us SHEEP

Sara Palin's latest charge against Obama is that he hangs out with terrorists...this could not be more true than a kid on the night of Christmas Eve claiming he saw Santa land on the roof top. Yet even so now people have taken the claim a step further and are convinced that Obama is a terrorist himself. This is what I mean by sheep, They're not THINKING for themselves. Sara knows that all she has to do is place an idea in the people's head and they run with it believing that it's true and accepting what is said for what it is, never asking any questions and to lazy to gather information for themselves in a search for truth. First he was judged for his association with Rev Wright, how crazy was THAT? We ALL know people who have radical views that we might not agree with but aren't we ALL entitled to our own opinions and viewpoints? If I know an unlawful person that I used to hang with YEARS ago, does that make me an unlawful person to.....eventhough I've never broken a law? What gives Sara Palin the authority to judge? What gives ANYONE the authority to judge a man by who he once knew? If that's how we're measuring character now.... well we're ALL in a whole HEAP of trouble! Below are couple video's I want you to see so you can understand how great the power of suggestion is to people who aren't acustomed to thinking for themselves. There is a drastic need for the people of America to be deprogramed, or unplugged so to stop falling for anything and finally STAND for something. And START doing some can fighting POVERTY be a terrorist act? Do some research on Bill Ayers before you go slandering this University professors name.

Here are the videos....

File this one under the "give 'em enough rope" column. A pro-Obama blogger in Ohio caught McCain-Palin supporters as they streamed into a rally and asked some of the most salient questions of the day. Like, "is Obama a terrorist?" Check out the responses.

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