Saturday, September 18, 2010

From Bad To Worse? US Face of Poverty [VIDEO]

I remember during the 2008 presidential elections, Obama while running for office kept saying over and over and over what he was going to do for the "MIDDLE CLASS".  I anxiously awaited to hear him just once mention what he was going to do for the "POOR". Sadly and to my expectation it never happened. Im beginning to wonder if the word "Poor" is even in his vocabulary....never once do I recall him even saying that word, let alone speaking anything about this widely populated class of people. I mean really....think about it. When did you ever hear Obama say ANYTHING about the poor here in America? It's always been the middle class right? I grew up middle class so I know what it is to live like that, and the way I and many others I know who grew up Middle Class are living now? Well, let's just say, THIS ain't it! I'll tell you what it is though....right now, it's an everyday struggle! 

So as I sit here and look at these people in the video below, although some of us are not as bad off, the only thing keeping most of us from being just like them is a matter of one paycheck and a little bit of time. 

Here's the reality my friend, this might be a little hard to take, and a shock to your system, but there is no MIDDLE CLASS! And there hasn't been for a minute. There are only TWO classes of people now. You're either rich or you're poor....and that is all. Don't be mad hell Im poor my damn self, and it was hard for me to accept too. So what in the sam hail was Obama talking about? Who are these so called middle class people and where are they hiding?

Here are six ways you can tell if YOU ARE POOR:
  • If you're living from pay check to pay check: YOU ARE POOR!
  • If you have even one shut off notice laying around your house: YOU ARE POOR! (Rich people and middle class can afford to pay their bills on time. They don't have to "Put Somethin' On It.")
  • If you shop at the family dollar, dollar tree, or save-a-lot: YOU ARE POOR!(People who can afford better only go to name brand stores and buy name brand items.)
  • If you have no savings because as soon as you get paid all your money goes to bills so you DON'T get any shut off notices, guess what? YOU ARE POOR! ( I find that most people with money have the luxury to be able to save money because they don't have to use up everything they get as soon as they get it.)
  • If money is always an issue, I hate to tell you this, but YOU ARE POOR! (Money is never an issue to those that have a nice amount of it.)
  • If you have to borrow money, pawn or steal things in order to help make ends meet then ooohhh my child, there is no doubt YOUR AZZ IS POOR TOO! 

Povery is among us people, always was but the numbers are really huge right now and it's hitting people we know, if it hasn't hit us personally. The video below was shot in Patterson, NJ, but this kind of thing is happening everywhere. You can have a great job, make pretty good money and it STILL not be enough, And GOD forbid you loose your job today or would you survive? You think you're going to find another job the next day? A week from now? Naw.....better think again. The average wait on a new job is at least 6 months to a year. Unless you get very lucky. I kid you not, I've seen it. This economy really bites.

Here's the video:

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