Saturday, September 18, 2010

William Cooper & His Death [Video]

Most of us have either read or have heard of the book "Behold A Pale Horse" By William Cooper. And although we might know who William Cooper is, a lot of us really don't know who William Cooper IS. Here is a man who stood up and spoke out about what he knew not only to get that information out to the people, but to spread the knowledge to any one and every one who would listen and believe. I've posted several videos in this entry so that YOU can learn the real story of Mr. Cooper and why he was killed. Spreading the knowledge isn't easy, and nobody ever said it was. But what William Cooper (Bill) did leave us with besides all the information he aquired was this advice: 

"Read everything, Listen to everybody, And don't trust anything unless you can prove it with your research."  ~ William Cooper 1943-2001
I encourage you to read his book Behold A Pale Horse when you get a chance, it's a great book filled with information and don't be afraid to study what he says and research it. I will warn you that he does take you to a whole nother level so just be sure your mind is open and you're ready for what you read in that book.

Click below to watch the videos.

William Cooper And His Death Pt. 1 of 9

Willian Cooper and his death Pt. 2

William Cooper and his death Pt.3 [Now THIS one will blow your mind toward the end, listen to what he says about Christ.....WOW!!!]

William Cooper and his death P.4 [Now it get's DEEP!]

William Cooper and his death Pt. 5

William Cooper and his death Pt.6 [Bill was killed/assassinated]

William Cooper and his death Pt. 7

William Cooper and his death Pt. 8

William Cooper and his death Pt. 9

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