Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pulpit Pimps!!! [Video]

Stop putting your faith in MAN! Put your faith in he that created you, no matter what name you call him. Understand that MAN lies, MAN deceives, MAN is out for self gratification, MAN wants your money. And no matter what the preacher tells you, if LOVE ain't in it, then it is not of GOD! Wait till you see these fools running around dancing on top of the money that was laid at the alter. You can't tell me THAT'S of God! Wait till you hear what Creflo said about how he would do to get tithes in his church if it weren't for the blood of Jesus. Just the fact that he could even THINK of a process like that tells you what kind of MAN he truly is. There's NO love in his thoughts pertaining to what he says he would do just to get money [tithes]. I didn't know there was a fee for healing from God. [Jesus never charges for that. In fact he beat the merchants OUT of the church] Nor did I know there was a cover charge for admittance into Heaven. These Pulpit Pimps are getting rich, living in big houses and driving expensive cars while the same people giving them money are a step away from being homeless and catching public transportation. Struggling here but being promised riches in Glory. I had no idea there was any kind of currency in Heaven. Maybe Im wrong....I've never been there.

"Pay Tithes or get SHOT!"--Creflo Dollar

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