Saturday, September 8, 2007

Okay, So Exactly What Is A "Secret Society"

Since it is true that secret societies play a major part in what went on in history yesterday, today and what will happen tomorrow.....for anyone who's not exactly sure what a "secret society" is, this information from Wikipedia might help you better understand.

A secret society is a social organization that requires its members to conceal certain activities—such as rites of initiation or club ceremonies—from outsiders. Members may be required to conceal or deny their membership, and are often sworn to hold the society's secrets by an oath. ...

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As Im sure you're already aware that nine times out of ten anything done in secret is usually not good. It's human nature to want other people to know anything YOU know that's a good thing. It's in us to want to share the "goodness". It's when people SAY they've found something good and don't want to tell you how you can get it too, that you need to be leary of THEM and whatever the "secret" thing is as well.

Im going to be getting into this a little more because there are a few secret societies that I want to focus on so that you'll know more about them. Remember to research and learn the information that I give you, if you don't already know it because all this info is going to come up again except next time you'll know exactly what Im talking about. Im going to attempt to break this whole thing down for you step by step so you'll be able to see it clearly.

It's getting late though so Im going to call it a night. In the mean time I suggest you stop by the RPS (red pill society) [Messageboards] to get a better understanding of where Im going with all this.

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