Saturday, September 8, 2007

Welcome to The Red Pill

Ever watched the Matrix? In the Movie Neo, one of the main characters made a decision to stop living in a pre-programed world (lala land) and start seeing things for what they really were. Once Neo opened his eyes for the first time and REALLY saw the world for what it was, though it took some time, he finally figured out that he was the "One" and that the power was in him to being about change. It wasn't until Neo took the Red Pill that he was able to actually do this. The red pill allowed him to WAKE UP and see the truth for what it was. Morpheous was the bringer of that truth. For it was he that afforded Neo the option to choose which pill to take.

Red one? Or Blue one?

Here at the Red Pill Society I offer you the same choice.

Blue pill, you click on the button and jump to the next blog, you forget all about me and you go on about life like you've been doing....walking blindly never suspecting a thing.....a mark.

Red pill you wake up, you find out the truth, and you get to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Real simple.

All Im offering you is the truth....nothing more. You can debate it, denying it, dismiss it, discuss it or declare it....that's up to you. I strongly encourage you to do your own research on everything that you read posted here. I'll make that easy for you by proving sources. Or you can just become good friends with Google like I did. At any rate there will be no excuse for you not to know.

Im inclined to believe that we don't know because we don't "want" to know. If you're still here reading it means you want to know. So then by all means let me begin.....

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